… she's not coming down 'til it all makes sense again…


Momz- 49 and holding. Loves color, ALL color, especially purples and greens and blues, and the way God mixes them together and spits them out in spectacular combos.  Loves bubbles and glitter and prisms casting rainbows on the wall. in fact, all things shiny.  Has been known to inhale coffee grounds into nostrils,  by “enjoying” the aroma a little too… fervently.  Is confounded and at times gob-smacked and pole-axed by the beauty, intelligence, talent, and innate goodness of her kids. Cannot keep her hands or lips off the puppies. It’s unhygienic and a little disgusting, but she can’t help it.

Hubs- Tall, dark, and handsome, especially since he lost the mullet. Works hard. Plays with his kids and brings Momz chocolates often. Older women adore him, because he’s just good at heart. Likes the Steelers and fishing. Loves family functions. Way more than Momz.

Beanz- Daughter, 24, Flowerchild, Daughter, 21, Adventurecroft, Daughter, 17, Man-cub, Son, 14, Poppy, Boo, Lilly, Juniper, Chicken, Fish That Won’t Die

And what about Naomi?

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