… she's not coming down 'til it all makes sense again…


Momzonroof, mom-on-roof, momonroof, mostly at diaryland, sometimes at wordpress… if you knew any of these journals, well, it’s still me. I’m back and  durn sorry I haven’t journaled in so long. That’s not really an apology, it’s more like an adjective. I miss writing.. working it all out amongst my friends. I think it was a healthy and productive thing to do. And I think we had some laughs along the way. I miss that shizzle! I’m still saying “shizzle.”  

And so I begin again… holy crap I am rusty… 

Frog With umbrella header image by (Credit: Penkdix Palme / Newsteam / SWNS)

And what about Naomi?

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