… she's not coming down 'til it all makes sense again…


These things are good


Taking a page from Rocky Dennis, “Mask”, these things are good:

1) daylight savings spring forward, because then my internal inFERNAL alarm clock is more on track with the rest of the waking world…
2) window boxes to dress with tulips, lilacs and plastic Easter eggs
3) a little boy named “Hunter” who decided Francesca was just the cat’s meow at Starbucks this morning
4) two young men building mousetrap-powered vehicles in the basement for physics class 5) Hubs back to the gym after a series of unfortunate health events
6) friendships, strong ones that can withstand the little storms that happen inside
7) new jobs, I started back where I used to work, this time I’m doing habilitation (life skills) and community involvement with people with intellectual disability. Franki started work as a temp for the same agency, doing clerical work, and Cassie started at a home improvement store during their busiest season. 
8) new car, Chevy Equinox, with Dear Old Dad’s GM discount, still a 5 passenger, but much roomier, and with mack daddy storage/canine transport area in back. 
9) snow crocus growing up in the muddy spring yard, surprisingly almost comically large purple and white ones growing along the path to the horse gate, and tiny tiny yellow ones growing under the pear tree… oh and tulip leaves reaching up and iris…