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Turkey Yield


Turkey facts for future reference: 20 lb bird: It takes about 3 or 4 days to thaw in fridge, 20 minutes to rinse, clean, olive oil, salt, poultry season and drop in roaster, 4 hours to roast in the electric roaster on 325, (after browning for 1/2 hour at 500degrees). This is a good time to sleep, during the roasting. At 1a.m. you will wake to the curious sound of bubbling turkey, it sounds like rain, or more like someone left the sink faucet running in a drizzle… Thank goodness the noise woke you up, because you forgot to set a timer. AGAIN. Get up and shut off roaster. If you let it cool about 3 hours, it’s easier to handle. This is a good time to sleep. After cooling, it takes 1 hour to completely strip (and carve the breast) meat, sieve the drippings, and clean the roaster and all processing trays, the counter tops, the sinks… I still have to go down in the garage and get my scales, so I can calculate the yield, but don’t want to wake the house. Also, 5 a.m. is the best time to do all this, with WQED playing on the kitchen radio, it’s a challenge to keep all the pans and lids from banging, but it’s really a lovely time, just you and the dogs and the music and a giant bird…


4 thoughts on “Turkey Yield

  1. How wonderfully fast & efficient you work! I’d be tempted to try this at home based on your candid report of your experience. I’m looking forward to your future cookbook.

  2. You are very ambitious…..but I bet the scent of roasting turkey was wonderful! So what was the yield of 20 lb. turkey?

  3. You are ALWAYS ambitious. If I were at your house, I would lay on your couch with chips and just MARVEL at all you accomplish. It would be exhausting just watching you. Then I would play with the mini horses, swwwoooon!!!

  4. Helloooooo! It’s Pattypat. How are you? So glad to find you.

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