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Medjool dates


got home tonight at 9:30, it’s so frigid out, the whole ride home, my back was CLENCHED, even though the car heater was on I couldn’t get warm, and knew that I had to go outside again and shut the horses in the barn… can’t stand to think of them with open barn door, wind blasting through and that agonizing cold,

I know they;re furry for a reason, but I still can’t stand them being out there.. last year it was unbearable, because it was one little horse, all alone… I’m no farmer.. I have no common sense… and so she spent more than a few nights in the garage, clomping about destroying the place, pulling everything off the shelves and pooping and peeing on it all…

So I got my barn coat on and my muck boots, a fresh bucket of water, and a handful of grain for each… headed out the door, into the fracturing wind and down the path to the gate… no horses in the pasture, they must be in the barn… I wonder and I wonder… do they stay in the same stall, do they hang together and keep each other warm.. do they like each other…  I dig my flashlight out of my pocket and shine it into the barn, hoping I don’t startle them…and what do you think I saw?

Two little horses, snuggled together in the back stall in the soft bedding,… I don’t have to wonder any more. They stay together and  keep each other warm. They may even like each other a little.

Medjool dates. I love ’em. Now. I love ’em now. Hated them last year, this year, I can’t get enough of them. I think it’s because I turned 51. My eyesight went to hell, but I got the medjool dates.


2 thoughts on “Medjool dates

  1. Mmmm, brown medjool dates, blue mission figs, purple prickly pears (just one will clear every little & large pain from your entire body for hours) and small, furry snuggling horses: what a wonderful way to live!

  2. Nice to know your horses are snuggle buddies especially when it is cold. I’m sure you will rest much easier knowing that you don’t have to clean out the garage and pick up the mess again…

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