… she's not coming down 'til it all makes sense again…

Worth it


Cassie and I had a major breakthrough with Tank today, for that may be his name, so far everyone seems to find it agreeable… So we headed out to muddy slushy pasture,… I got them both to go in the barn and kinda cornered him in the back stall… then sloooooooow like molasses, I got up near him and reached for his halter… he didn’t like it much, but he didn’t panic… attached a lead to him, and one to Juniper, handed her off to Cassie, and away we went, round and round the pasture, she led, he followed.. we traded horses after a couple times around, so she could feel what he was like to lead… he’s like having a tiny firefly on the end of a string, you can barely feel him, until he gets scared and stops for a minute… but then if you let him think it’s his idea, he’ll start walking again… we did just a few rounds, and then left him go on a positive note, gave him his grain, and here comes Zack out to the fence… both him and Cassie reaching through the fence to pet a baby horse, discussing just which part of him is the softest, is it his neck, is it his forelock, is it his muzzle (Me, I already know the answer, it’s the muzzle, hands down.) My kids have never shown much interest in the horses, they’ve always seemed to consider them just Mom’s Kinda Annoying Kinda Smelly Yard-Hogging Pets… So if I ever questioned whether it was worth more than double the cost to get a baby horse over a two-yr old gelding… well, I’ll never question that again


2 thoughts on “Worth it

  1. Magical 🙂

  2. It sounds like a great experience for every one and every horse involved. I’m sure you are loving this little guy.

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