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Pink Light on Orange Flowers


THE PINK LIGHT: I didn’t get a picture, would be hard to catch it, plus I was kinda transfixed… was up to my elbows in dish suds… and watching it out the kitchen window, couldn’t tear myself away, just kept scrubbing dishes, and looking up again to see if I had been imagining it… it was like some kinda wonky magic… we don’t get a lot of spectacular sunsets here on the hill.. it’s okay, because we get magnificent sunrises out the wahoo, fantastic amazing religious-experience sunrises… but the sunset is usually swallowed by the trees.. and that’s okay too, we still have trees, loooove those trees…

But the pink light last night was different.  the yard was glowing, eerie and warm at the same time, the ho-hum marigolds soaked it in and were transformed into some kinda pink-orange sherbetty eye candy, the already rich fuschia colored petunias became dazzling to the point I swear they were vibrating… It must’ve been a little after 7, because I was all geeked out on my Prairie Home Companion on WQED, while I scrubbed the colossal mess left from the Great Tomato Processing 2014 Debacle, because apparently my husband thinks the sauce is done when you wrestle it onto the stove and turn the burner on, time to kick back on the RECLINER… hmmm… but I wasn’t bitter about the kitchen mess, I had it all to myself, me and Garrison, and then the amazing pink light… 


So the tomatoes are a’comin’… I bought six plants at the flea market, not really expecting much, onaccounta  they were all the same variety, and who knows what you’re really getting… I guess I was a little cynical about it all, now that I think back. I gave two of the plants to my Aunt Sis, because she dint have none, is why… so now I had four. And I thought, wow, four’s not much… Maybe I should buy more. But then the rest of the garden needed created and what not, and  I didn’t get “around tuit”


I really gotta get me one of them… But what I’m learning now is that 4 tomato plants is WAAAAYYYYY too many!!!

THE LESSON IN THE BEANS: well you know, did you ever hear someone say “Oh my pea plants, they were HUGE, but didn’t produce any peas a’tall!” (that’s how Pap and Grandma Morningstar used to say “at all”, the T goes with the all)  It happens sometimes, usually it’s nitrogen, you get massive vegetative growth, but the plant doesn’t bear fruit, its energy tied up in the greenery… So that’s what I thought happened this year with my bean plants, oh the glorious colossal bean plants, for the first time in my life, I planted beans and THEY GREW, and I got so excited to see them grow (aren’t BEANS the seeds they give KINDERGARTNERS to plant in dixie cups along the kindergarten window sill, because even the lowly KINDERGARTNER can grow a dang BEAN) that I gave them little tee-pees to wind around and didn’t they grow and didn’t they grow wayyyyy past my puny little tee-pees and reach for the sky until they grabbed hold of the 12 ft high sunflower stems, and didn’t they latch on and yank and pull and bend those sunflowers down under the weight of their selfish little beanstalks… I was a little perturbed at them, truth be told… But I couldn’t stay peeved long, because they were the jauntiest, happiest, most heart-shaped leaves, and curling vines, and tiny tiny yellow-white flowers, sooooo many little flowers, which should mean soooo many beans, right? 

Not so much. I think I got three beans. Oh sure, they were magnificent specimens, fat and full  and nearly a foot long each… But only three!! And I thought, was it the manure I mixed in with the lasagna garden layers? I thought, oh that little horse, she must be full of nitrogen! I secretly blamed my horse for my non-producing, albeit aMAAAzing, bean stalks… 

Meanwhile, the pea plants were producing like crazy, sugar snap peas, eat them standing right there in your pajamas, soaked in morning dew (your pajama leg bottoms, not the peas, the peas are high and dry and so friggin’ CHEERFUL, jaunty, even, with their curling little curlicues…) Oh the peas are doing their job, giving forth massive amounts of fruit, or veg, whatever, FRUITION, COMPLETION!!! This is what we want from ALL our plants, isn’t it? Is it too much to ask? Maybe…  

So there I am, all forlorn and disappointed and a little irritated with my bean plants… but still wanting to be supportive, I go out and I look a little closer.. truth be told, I was considering wrenching the beanstalks out for compost, since they were strangulating the sunflowers… so I was bending and lifting the bean plants, investigating…  and low and behold, LITERALLY, finally using that phrase literally, I went LOW and I BEHOLDED, there underneath that massive canopy of bean stalks and glorious heart-shaped leaves.. there, tucked under, away from the sun’s punishing rays, lazily lounging in the cool shade of the bean tee-pee… were about 45,000 BEANS!! I may be exaggerating… maybe it was 400 beans, but they were big and fat and juicy and filled a big ol’ pan up… 

Didn’t I rush them directly into the house, rinse, and snap, added some tomatoes, because we have to add tomatoes to everything this week, covered, and simmered for.. who knows, I wasn’t real scientific about it, I was freaking out with happiness and surprise bean joy… simmered until they were tender, stirred in a pack of fresh bacon bits, wondering if it would be just as good as frying up messy old bacon, and guess what, bacon in an envelope is BETTER than frying up greasy messy old bacon, any day, I’ll wager… 

So that was the Lesson In the Beans: “Don’t give up on your harvest. Sometimes the fruits of your labor require a new perspective. Sometimes you just need to LOOK UP!” That’s what I took away from it. And shared later with Cassie, at the shoe store, of all places. She wanted pink running shoes in the worst way. So she spots a pink pair on the wall, oh such cute shoes, and with a gel sole!!! and she scans all the boxes underneath, looking for her tiny little size… and they don’t have them… no 7’s… and she’s bummed… I walk over and say, “did you look up?”   There they are, in a box above the sample shoe! 7’s!!! Just like the beans!!

We were at the lake for the weekend. It was a fun, sunny day, with pirate rafting mis-adventures, Cassie and Hubs and I jogged around the lake, Dad and Andria biked around and met us in the middle.. When we were leaving, Dad hugged me extra tight, or extra, I don’t know, affectionately? I may have imagined it, or may have felt extra affection for Dad myself… although I don’t know how I could ever feel more affection for him, Andria says I’m a massive Daddy’s Girl, unashamedly so… Or Does Dad know something I don’t know? Am I dying? Or was it a birthday hug? Or was Dad just in a really good mood? Who knows, even if I’m silly delusional, it was just nice… I hope I’m not dying…  

I taught myself another lesson yesterday, but I didn’t say it out loud: Here it is: When your husband folds the towels, you can’t really complain that he didn’t fold them properly in half/half/thirds, and all folds going the same direction. You just stack them in the cabinets and hope they get taken out and used quicker than normal… 









2 thoughts on “Pink Light on Orange Flowers

  1. So happy to hear that the garden has produced so much joy….and veggies. It sounds like life is going well for you these days…Glad your daughter found the pink shoes she wanted too.

  2. You inspire me to have a bigger, better garden next year. ❤

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