… she's not coming down 'til it all makes sense again…

Mother’s Day 2014


Mother’s Day at the Lake, I told them to “act like you like each other” and this is what I got:






Hero worship, did you have a cousin, or an uncle, you really looked up to?:


Because he always did this sorta thing to you, and you giggled until you threw up:


Frisbee: Zack and his own cousin/hero, Taz (don’t tell him I said that, embarrassing, sentimental.. both will admit to it later in life):


Definitely in their element:


Could this be any funner, no it could not


not sure what emotion he’s displaying here,


good catch + midair + joy, don’t tell ’em I said the joy part:


Historic moment: she said this was the first time she caught a frisbee!


This is the only action shot that had her beautiful face in it:



All beautiful: baby, mama, and GiGi:


My sister really knows how to accept a gift:

Image (welds by Taz)

My other sister, this one has to pack EVERYTHING into EVERY DAY, THE MOST THINGS!!! she had to leave early to go to the inlaws, so she was running around trying to get everything in, flying kites, throwing a fishing line in, cooking a hotdog… This is what happened when I reminded her that she hadn’t thrown or caught a Frisbee yet:

Image Completely STAGED!! She rules!!!

This is at home, the little patch where Bean planted my fave, Cosmos, and her new spiderwort, and a glittering mosaic sit-upon, what fer contemplating the cosmos:


It’s a quiet place, and pretty. Like Bean.

Her spiderwort, a graduation giftie from Aunt:


Rocks with everyone’s nicknames, Bean, Frangoooochia, and Zoophead, except Dani’s… I just painted “Dani” on hers… we’ve tried to start a few nicknames for her, like Tater, and Peaches… nothing’s really stuck yet. We’re still waiting for hers to show itself…


The tiny purple flower rock is for her, because  she loves tiny things. Maybe you can help. Can you think of a nickname for someone like this, here’s a pic of her with the gorgeous pot of strawberry plants she gave me for Mother’s Day. The little “strawberries” are actually rocks she painted, she says she read that they will deter the gophers and rabbits from eating the berries, because they will bite the rocks and be very disappointed, and depressed, and will give up and go away and crawl in a hole, I suppose… She also said the pot reminded her of Vesuvio’s, which is like, our “pet” restaurant…


She’s my little fairy girl. But she’s an ocean fairy, she loves all creatures of the sea… I don’t know.. We may have to wait a little longer… close-up of the strawberry rocks:


I don’t have a pic of Zoophead’s 20 minute Mother’s Day card, or a link yet to Frangooochia’s video montage of our little farmette, but will be adding those soon! It was an awesome mother’s day, all my kids are here, they’re healthy, they’re relatively happy, they’re all working on their happiness, aren’t we all,  everyone is on speaking and hugging terms (for that I am more grateful than I can say, and you won’t know how grateful you’ll be for that until you lose it…)  I have no pictures of my own mother on this glorious day, although she was there and I love her to pieces, and we all gave her flowers and stuff…

Hope everyone had a Happy Mother’s Day, and if it was less than happy, I hope you know, there’s hope for improvement… I’ve had some WHOPPERS… I’ve had a hole in my heart, I’ve lost my child… for a while.. we all did. But we got her back and we have a second chance, all of us. Hang in there, and dig deep. That’s my new motto. God giveth and she taketh away. And then she giveth back sometimes. It’s always a surprise and a box of chocolates and other metaphors…


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2014

  1. I love the strawberry rocks…so cute. Maybe her nickname should be Bitsy because she likes little itty bitty things?

  2. she would actually love that one, Terri!

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