… she's not coming down 'til it all makes sense again…

a one act play entitled “A Nickname is Born”


Act One, Scene One:
Setting: Communal living space of the Hall Family home, a modest country estate, furnished with a rag tag bunch of mismatched Craigslist and tag sale furniture, plus countless chicken statuettes, our scene opens after Zack and Mom have been mercilessly tormenting Francesca all afternoon with the nickname her guitar teacher gave her:
zack (in huge sweeping cartoonish Italian accent): franGOOOOCHia!!
mom(in even HUGER sweeping cartoonish Italian accent): FRANNA GOOOOOCCHIAAA!!!
(no answer) (the joke has been perpetrated one too many times, Francesca is no longer showing any reaction)(she is numb)
mom: i don’t think she’s going to be bothered by you calling her that right now; she has a bon jovi pick in her hand.
zack: well since Franki’s ok with her nickname, i want one too.
mom: we’ll see how ok with you are with your nickname once we give you one. howbout poophead?
zack: no it has to flow with your name. not poophead.
mom: zackary poophead hall
zack: zoophead
mom: you’d prefer ‘zoophead’ to ‘poophead’?
cassie: anything besides poophead!
zack: it doesn’t bother me that you call me ‘zoophead.’
mom: oh, it wiiiill

2 thoughts on “a one act play entitled “A Nickname is Born”

  1. Hang on, Zoopy…Zoopy hang on!

  2. Oh my gOsH! I’m laughing so hard my sides hurt! It’s perfect! Who’da thunk it! Zoophead. Zooooopheeeeead. Zoop!Head! 🙂 It just flows from the lips… nice choice Zach & clever too.

    I settled with “Poophead” for myself years ago & when it gets used, everything goes down the tubes & I sadly turn to mush. 😉 :-[ 😛

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