… she's not coming down 'til it all makes sense again…


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That’s me in a couple years, white hair and judging harshly the silver-plated offerings…

Yard sailing season officially in full swing, I got the shabbiest chic-est stuff today, without even tryin’…big pile of worn out (broken in) towels, sooooo soffffft and the palest palest pastels… they’re so shabby, Grandma would be horrified… but so soft and so limp, they’re heavy, like towels used to be, dense, made out of… real towel stuff…

a set of baby blue sheets that feel like.. sweet baby angel wings against your skin…

3 CD set of gospel classics with the Oak Ridge Boys and other white dudes, which was a bit of a disappointment because I saw “gospel” and thought “gospel choir”, which it ain’t, but it was in the free pile, so I can’t complain, but somehow I still managed to kvetch about it…

brand new sparkling magenta, not purple, not pink, it is MAGENTA,  hula hoop, for a dime!, that’s like… two nickels!

football spikes for Zack’s colossal amazing growing feet $1, he wanted $2, but laughed when I had the audacity to offer $1. They were brand new, and name-brand, and RED, which means FAST… he said, awwww take ’em…

waterproof Totes hiking boots for whoever fits em $1, same guy as the spikes, I offered $1, he laughed and said take ’em. I have zero shame. None. Not a molecule.

solid wood but made in taiwan sofa table what-fer paintin’ to match the dining room set and use as a side-board/junk catcher, hey let’s call it what it is…I started at $5 for it but she beat me up good and got $8 off me. I might mosaic the top too..

Oooooo and a stretchy bracelet with aurora borealis Austrian type crystals that throws tiny dancing colored lights all over my car when the sunlight hits my wrist and almost made me wreck till I figured out where it was coming from… I thought God was trying to tell me something as I did 65 down Rt 376

best score was a white waffle-knit cotton extra shabby and broken in blanket, for my bed when Mom and Dad visit.. Seems my floofy sweet baby angel wing satiny silky  peach comforter is like a FURNACE for them, especially Dad, so I tried giving them a vintage knit bedspread to use, but it was too big and bulky and hung over the edges of the bed, trapping them in its death weight… so then I tried stitching together two amazingly soft REAL PERCALE sheets, to make a sorta lightweight coverlet, but that one was too small for both of them to wrap in, and I think Dad ended up with frozen feet… I was starting to think of my Dad as some weird sorta hairy, masculine Goldilocks, you know, the porridge is too hot, the porridge is too cold, the porridge is too bulky, the porridge is too floooooofy… Or maybe he’s more like the Princess and the Pea… hmmmm… not sure he would appreciate EITHER characterization…  So I’m ready for the next visit, because that white cotton waffle knit is “juuuuuuust right,”  just like Baby Bear’s porridge and he will eat it all up… or something…

Took the kids and puppies to Dairy Queen for a little chocolate on chocolate action (dip cones), oh my gosh, I want another one now… Tied the horse out for a while and got some gardening in, transplanted tulips, planted some iris and hosta divisions… what a gorgeous day, grateful for another one…


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  1. I never have any luck at garage sales but maybe I just get overwhelmed with what is there….Sounds like you know how to do it. Hope the white waffle knit blankie does the trick for your parents.

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