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Grandma’s nylon nighties


the boy is creating his own language, because he finds our weird spelling and particularly diphthongs to be irritating… he has 33 letters in his alphabet, and walks about the house, speaking in what he calls “Zaclaton” or something

Was thrift-shopping today at the Army of Salvation, half-off day, my happy place…  lately I keep coming back to the soft nylon nighties… like Grandma wore… they are looking sooooo soft and comfortable… comforting… missing my grandma maybe… I miss her funny little button nose, and her black curls, I miss her vaccine scar, and I miss her dry, papery hands, and her foofy socks, and her football purse and her leather covered bible, and her parrot-colored walls, and the loud TV, and the daytime soaps, and Matlock… she did love her nylon and polyester. She wore something like these in summer:







nightie a

nightie b

And then in winter:








She ran hot most of the time, so I don’t remember her wearing much more than this around the house, even in winter, housecoat over the nylon nightie, nothing on the collars, actually no collar, she couldn’t have anything around her neck.. so much trouble to breathe, get air.. Grandma never smoked, but had damaged lungs from childhood, developed emphysema, gagging, racking cough… Coughed through childhood, back when tuberculosis was killing, she didn’t have tb, but sometimes felt the sting of being feared and avoided, ostracized for her cough…. mothers yanking their children away from her general direction.. people were afraid back then, of coughs

thinking back, maybe a lot of her clothing was cut and rolled, like the collars were cut off, and then the soft fabric just rolled under, kinda like when  you cut a tshirt, it doesn’t unravel… she had large-printed polyester blouses, with a full yoke and back, but they were sleeveless… her pants were sometimes taken in and let out, the seams a little ragged, the elastic springing from unraveling waist-bands,  she developed favorites and they must’ve been through the wash 14,000 times

Grandma and Pap didn’t sort laundry, not for color, not for material weight, nothing… their clothes had been washed so many times, they wouldn’t dare bleed out! Pap’s black socks, Grandma’s big splashy floral print blouses and house coats, Pap’s thread-bare white plaid pajamas, bath towels, kitchen towels, pillow cases, they all went into one load! And in the dryer, those clothes were dried until they crackled! HOT! Strange, strange laundry loads, and when you folded them, you had 8500 different little piles, and had to travel all over the house to put the load away. I’m sure when the kids were home it was different, because right now I have so much laundry each week, I can actually divide it into 2 gray/pastel loads, 2 black/navyblue loads, 1 kitchen towel load, 2 bath towel loads, 1 white load, 1 red load, and 1 turquoise load… (to be fair, the red load and the turquoise load take about 2 weeks to accumulate)

Her health problems, in some ways they didn’t limit her, she went on to have 6 children, against Dr’s orders… but her health did keep her a little isolated… she didn’t go to church, though she dearly loved the Lord and her Bible. Pap went to church on Sundays, and Grandma had her TV preachers. The earliest I remember is Jimmy Swaggart and that strange Kathryn Kuhlman lady… I google her every once in a while, just to make sure she was real. I don’t think Grandma was into her, but she watched her. She sent her money to Jimmy. And Earnest. And Rex Humbard. I think he was her favorite. And later she was into Robert Schuller/Crystal Cathedral/Hour of Power. I actually didn’t mind this one, he was a good speaker and smiled a lot, he was witty, wry even…

I just left on a wild google tangent, lost 20 minutes of my life looking up Rev Schuller’s policies, particularly that he fought against his family when they tried to exclude homosexuals from the church… and then I really fell down the rabbit hole and got linked to Jonah Falcon, with the world’s largest penis?? … How did I get here? lol! innernetzzzzz…..

Was at Anderson’s the other day, picking up the chocolate crosses for Easter, for my mom, she still buys them… A 1 lb egg is now $26, I think. Grandma used to buy each of the adults one of those eggs, and the kids got a large chocolate bunny. I used to ask for the white chocolate. I don’t buy Anderson’s any more. And why did I ask for white chocolate?! What a waste! I think of Grandma a lot in spring, and around Easter, I think it was her happiest time, the renewal, the promise of spring, health, life… I loved when she held the babies and called them “little lamb”  I could never get away with that. lol!







5 thoughts on “Grandma’s nylon nighties

  1. Such sweet memories of your grandma. The vaccination mark made me think of my mother…she had one that showed. Thanks for sharing the memories. Happy Easter.

  2. awww thanks Terri, for stopping by! 🙂

  3. I wonder how many of your readers will google Jonah Falcon? Lol. Hey! Don’t look at me that way! 😛

    …33 letters in the Zaclaton alphabet. Hmmm. I love to hear what creative endeavors your children are coming up with.

    Grandparents…sigh. My wish for all of the world’s population is that each and every person may experience profound love, guidance, quirkiness, hugs, laughter, care, concern, etc. from at least one available & open grandparent. Thank you for sharing your precious memories.

  4. Darlene, did you google that giant penis? lol! it was ridiculous!

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