… she's not coming down 'til it all makes sense again…

Poppy and Boo Verbs


burping, farting, SNORING,running, scratching, cornering, teasing, cajoling, whining, yawning, stretching, worming, alligatoring, wiggling, basketballing, MOOFing, greeting, peeking, barking, yelping, befriending, licking, leaping, cuddling, snuggling, tunneling, sighing, groaning, losing a grip, gouging, digging, chewing, begging, challenging, mouthing, sitting on, rolling neck into floor with butt in the air, backing into a “parking space”, cracking us up, rolling in poop and dead things, keeping the peace, putting the kibosh on horseplay, curling up, nesting, pencil destroying, comforting, healing, wiggling… keeping life interesting



2 thoughts on “Poppy and Boo Verbs

  1. That’s a lot of doggy -ness to keep up with!

  2. What is this MOOfing you speak of?

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