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Gym member: Week 7: State of the Union Address


Here’s what I really want to say about the gym, at this point (views subject to change, apparently…):
1) I’m happy when I walk in the place. I love the energy, it just feels good to be there. I dreaded the place when I started! It was my own internal struggle, and had very little to do with the gym itself. I didn’t know what I was doing there, and I didn’t believe it was of any value. That’s all changed.
2) There are many derogatory comments about Planet Fitness being a silly, purple little planet, because the patrons are out of shape (ummm… isn’t that what the gym is for?), because they discourage meat-headed behavior like snorting, yelling, spitting, gallon water jug chugging, and weight thunking, and because they have tootsie rolls at the desk (I asked the trainer, Matt, about it, and he said the candy is mostly for diabetics! Makes sense to me! Except I’m not diabetic, and I gotta have 3 tootsie rolls every time I walk past…) I like it there. All kinds are welcome. I’ve seen some amazingly fit people. Pros. And I’ve seen (and BEEN) the other end of the spectrum. My favorite so far was the little 90 yr old Grandpa, dressed in his work pants with button down shirt, leather belt, and dress shoes. He wandered from machine to machine, doing 1 set of 3 reps on each.. My second fave is the guy my dad’s age, who comes in dressed head to toe in faded camo sweats, he looks like half the guys in my family. My third fave is the church lady who worked out in 3-piece linen suit, with giant floofy wig perched on top of her head. The more she worked out, the more the wig sloshed to the side… No wait, she’s my favorite.
3) I’ve worked out pretty steady at 90-120 minutes, 4-5 days/week, for 7 weeks (except I lost a week when I had my annual sinus-headachey-head-cold. I alternate muscle groups, and I do 45-60 minutes of cardio. I haven’t dropped one single pound, not ONE! I am becoming convinced that God doesn’t want me to lose weight. Yes, God is one of my work-out partners. It’s okay, I’m at a decent weight. That being said, at 50 yrs old, I’m still a crazy body-dysmorphic American girl at heart, and crazy girls always have a magic number in their crazy head… I’m still trying to lose weight, I gotta be honest, God. And I could use some help with the sugar addiction…
4) Sometimes, when I’m in the zone, I’m goin’ at the cardio, and I’m watching some silly nonsense show on A&E, and I can look over and see my daughter peddling her favorite bike… I’m just so grateful to have the time and the means to be able to do this with her. It’s been good for us both. Most days we laugh our whole way there and back… which is priceless.
5) I wish I’d known how good it felt to do this a long time ago. I’ve never been physically active, not with regular, planned exercise, with actual challenges and goals in mind. I thought all that was for other people. People with discipline. Health nuts. People who have something special inside, some sorta drive I didn’t come equipped with. Guess what, the only thing those people had that I didn’t was the self-confidence to TRY IT to begin with… I wish I’d known, I wish someone could have conveyed this to me, how good it feels to see yourself progress, get better, get faster, get stronger… I may not see a change in weight, but there are other measures. My muscles are tighter. Less wobble. My lungs and heart are expanding. I can walk the little horse up and out of the hollow, climbing some steep hills, without getting winded! My spine feels lengthened, from stretching, and from carrying myself differently, more balanced…
6) I fully realize I’m still on the Pink Cloud… I love it up here.. it’s fluffy and nice and fun and light!


4 thoughts on “Gym member: Week 7: State of the Union Address

  1. You given me more incentive to go back and join a gym again. I know I need to do it and it would be very good for me. Hopefully I can get out once the snow stops….again…and join.

  2. Before farming I loved working out or hiking and biking. Now I just move constantly so it isn’t the same focused thing but I still feel good about moving and being strong. Go with it! It is great you are doing this with your daughter too 🙂

  3. ….and this is why I love you so much! YOU are MY favorite! I’m so happy to know you & your daughter are taking great care of yourselves & enjoying each other in the process. Just think how wonderfully handy those stronger, tighter muscles will be when it comes to trimming a doorway through the giant wisteria envelope that will attempt to hold you captive inside at the close of next autumn. 😉

  4. WHADAYA MEAN YOU AREN’T ACTIVE? You are super kamikaze active with taking care of your kids, your animals, your projects, your yard work and stuff. Anyways, I am so glad that you are cozy at Planet Fitness. I have started gymin’, too. I’m just starting, and I’m still a little bit “what am I doing here?’

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