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Lowes comes through!

In the interest of fairness, because I told you how awful it was dealing with Sears and a LEMON of a refrigerator about 3 years ago… and I said stuff like “Sears SUCKS” and they didn’t care, and I was forced to stage a half-crazed, semi-naked protest on their sales floor in order to get my money back, and also because I’m avoiding cleaning and de-Christmasing… I have to report that the Lowes 4 yr extended service plan I bought for this refrigerator for about $80, has been quite the different experience! Very happy so far. Here’s what they did right:
1) They connected me immediately with a decent independent contractor.
2) He showed up WHEN and WHERE he said he would.
3) The repair dude was sincerely a pleasant individual, and had uniform shirt neatly tucked in his BELTED uniform pants, so that I encountered nary a glimpse, nary a quark on an electron on an atom of this guys CRACKAGE, even when he was crouched on the kitchen floor, with his entire upper body smashing into the freezer compartment. NO CRACK.
3) He fixed what he could that day, ordered a part, and returned when the part shipped directly to my house, to finish the repair.
4) Lowes called after the repair, to inquire how everything went, and if I needed anything else. Yes, it was an automated survey, but I felt that it genuinely cared.

Sears, take note. It’s called customer service. I remember when “Kenmore” used to mean something good.