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Campus Visit, Pizza, and Monsters University



Yesterday was one of those glorious crisp Fall days, sunshiny and wind-blown, perfect for visiting a beautiful college campus, stately old buildings, small town, rolling hills, so very… what’s the word… collegiate? I loved it, campus was buzzing with activity, friendly little faces everywhere, running to class, shooting hoops, loading cars for weekend trips home…  Hoping somebody/anybody! chooses to go there, it reminded me so much of Hiram…

Hadda drag Zack though, did not want to go, would rather veg with the Gameboy… He was a grumpy little travel companion, complaining that he’s only in 9th grade, why does he need to see a college…. I ended up telling him, Zack, I’m so convinced that this will be a beneficial experience for you, that I’m willing to put up with as much grumbling as you can dish out, doesn’t matter, we’re still going. So he grumbled, and we went.

It was a 3 1/2 hour tour, we saw the rec center, some of the classrooms, and got to go in the dorm rooms (which felt WAYYYY more spacious than any dorm room I ever had, even with 20 people packed in). Franki seemed to be catching college fever, and Cassie made an appointment to talk about transfer credits and their writing program! Happy!!!

Zack listened pretty intently to the power point, and I think he got some ideas about what to expect.. I know his wheels were turning, because he had a lot of questions at midnight, after everyone else had gone to bed, what’s the difference between Ivy League and regular, what’s the difference between university and college, what’s a state college… Got those wheels turning….

Stopped at Vesuvio’s for dinner on the way home. Franki started a rousing game of “Napkin Assassin” while we waited for our pizza. Not sure what else to call it, one person starts by drawing a little guy on a napkin, and some inventive way that he’s about to die, like, a giant boulder is about to roll over him,.. then the next person has to draw a way for him to escape, like, um, Pikachu comes up and blasts the boulder with electrical power, but then a spark lands on a building that burns and topples on the guy…and on and on.. they ended up having sharks and Miley Cyrus and Johnny Depp and sea tortoises and flaming arrows and magic grow powder and snow globes and ninja stars…a crocodile with dental problems… It was way over my head, but a great way to wait for a pizza!

Ended the day with Monsters University from Redbox, so you see it was a whole THEME, if you don’t count the Borat we watched afterwards…

Just wanted to remind myself, the next time I’m anxious about going somewhere new, like I always am, really, it’s pathological, it tries to keep me from EVERYTHING, I have to remember that such a great day can come of it.


2 thoughts on “Campus Visit, Pizza, and Monsters University

  1. Napkin Assassin, gotta try that! Ass. Ass. In. Tee hee!

  2. I always love to hear of your days, home & away from home.

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