… she's not coming down 'til it all makes sense again…




Wish this pic were less blurry, because this shows my goony dog in her true element: Bliss. Snoozing upside-down with a big dopey grin on her face.

Bliss has been on my mind. There are some people  in my life and in my space I wish I could dump some daggone BLISS onto.  

The Boy isn’t one of them. The Boy has found his bliss. Anything that involves making fun of his mother is TOTAL NIRVANA to him…  I was pouring water into the coffeemaker this morning, which he managed to find infinitely amusing, by imitating thehappy blissful look on my face as I poured… He said, Mum, why don’t you just dump it in there? I said Son, I pour slowly because past experience has shown that if you pour any faster than what the geometric structure of the coffee pot lip allows, you will without exception pour water all up and over the back of the unit down onto the counter below. Also, I forgot to add this part, but I remembered it later, water will also wash into the filter area and splash the dry coffee grounds up and over the paper filter, down INTO the plastic filter holder thingie, and from there the grounds will be washed down into the pot during brewing. Disgusting.

He said, Mum, you experiment about everything, you’re NOT a scientist. He said, you think you’re a puppy scientist, you let them out to pee for 2 minutes, then you feed them their breakkies, and then you immediately put them out to poop for exactly 3 minutes. It was beautiful when he said this, because right at the exact moment he was saying the word “poop”, here comes both Poppy and Boo to the door, wanting to come  in after completing their 3 minute after-breakkies POOP in the yard! I said thank you, Puppies, for proving my hypothesis. Well, it’s not just  my hypothesis, it’s actually a known thingie, and it has a scientific name, but I can’t find it right now, all I get when I google “Dogs pooping immediately after eating” is a bunch of references to “coprophagia” which means “eating poop”, “copro” meaning poop, and “phagia” meaning “eat,” …

And then the Boy said, Mum, you’re probably going to write on your little journal about your little dog-poo experiments, and then he imitated me with a blissful look on my face tapping away on a keyboard, and I said maybe I will. And he said, you will not…


2 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. Isn’t it interesting that while Boy makes “fun” of your bliss, he is paying attention to what you do to feel that way? Bliss is good…Bliss is real good!

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