… she's not coming down 'til it all makes sense again…

Fun List of Exciting Adventures and Opportunities for Personal Growth


Accountability. I got it. 

I will return when this list is finished: 

  1. pack n’ *ship ebay 
  2. transfer Mancub’s birthday money to account, little miser… 
  3. feed horses
  4. 3 loads of laundry washed, but I didn’t PUT AWAY, clothes are stacked all over the washer and dryer, and there is one stupid basket in the livingroom, but I’m too tired to put it away
  5. sweep laundry room, since I spend so much of my time there, might as well beautify it up a bit
  6. bath dogs AGAIN
  7. set posts and hang arbor wings, holy crap I can’t believe I actually got this one done!! 
  8. paint Fergie stars on finger nails
  9. iron 10 friggin work clothes, oh help me I hate ironing, I can’t do it.. I just can’t get that ironing board out and hear that nasty screechy noise it makes as it crashes open, and then find a stupid plug to reach the iron, and then a cup with water and then spill the water all down the side onto the board,  just can’t do it tonight… 
  10. hang salt block in horse barn
  11. clean and reinstate heated water bucket, really? already?? 
  12. ribs/potatoes slow cooker
  13. clean freezer bottom GOO layer, HORK
  14. *scrub kitchen floor, plus scrub ceiling where someone sprayed ROOTBEER in a tell-tale ARC 
  15. water poor little blue spruce I yanked from the flower beds transplanted last week
  16. rake leaves out front
  17. *dishes

* Hubs scrubbed the kitchen floor and ceiling, and took my packages to the post office… and Mancub helped with the dishes. 


6 thoughts on “Fun List of Exciting Adventures and Opportunities for Personal Growth

  1. dang! that’s quite the to-do list!

    • It durn near killed me, Cuz. I was the world’s grumpiest, achiest, crybabiest mum EVER that evening. I thought I was done, got my jammies on, and then the kids each needed help with a major project!!! Not cool!

  2. I love the tale-tell arc of rootbeer . . . I bet noone claimed it either . . .how do the people in our houses just leave that stuff go? I guess because they know we will get it. 🙂

    • Here’s what I think about rootbeer arcs: I think the person it’s happening to, at that moment, they are so freaked out by all the exploding and the gushing and the arking, and then they’re so consumed by the relief when it you make it to the sink and it all settles down… I think they must just be too traumatized to think to look up after all that… don’t ask me how I know what that feels like…

  3. ….a FUN list of EXCITING adventures, indeed! I can totally understand why you left folding laundry and ironing work clothing out of this day. =)

    …and, I totally love the fact that you completely know about rootbeer ARCS.

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