… she's not coming down 'til it all makes sense again…

Adventures in real estate


Last month, in some stupid late-night fit of late-night stupidity, I signed up for a trial week’s subscription on some real-estate foreclosure thing, that was supposed to give me the scoop on… whatever… help me cash in on other people’s misery, you know, the foundation of real estate… But I forgot that I signed up, so I forgot to use the site to make my fortune in real estate, and then I forgot to cancel the subscription before the trial week ended, and a few weeks later, there appears a $49 charge on my credit card. 

In the disclosure, of course it says, no refund of unused WHATEVER WHATEVER BLAH BLAH BLAH… it actually says “Neener neener, you signed it, we got your money this month, sucka!” 

I was so sick. Do you know how many hours I have to work to make $49? A lot. An embarrassing amount of hours. Especially with a bachelor’s degree… 

So I called and I talked to “Kevin” from Mumbai India, where no one is named Kevin.  And Kevin looked up my account and my usage, or NON-usage, and he exclaimed, GEE, you didn’t even use this! And I said, yeah, Kevin, I know, RIEEEGHT?! And he said, gee, but it’s been on your credit card for TWO WEEKS now, and you’re just realizing this NOW?!  Umm… yeah… I’m just realizing this now… KEVIN. 

So I said, knowing full well that the disclosure says they won’t refund my money, I said, Kevin, I didn’t use this service, it doesn’t fit my situation, I would like a refund… And Kevin said,  well, I will put in your request for a refund, I will stop this service, and you will get an answer in 2 days.  I said thanks Kevin, you’re a peach. 

I hung up the phone and kissed my $49 good-bye.  I vowed to somehow figure out how to use this stupid site for the remainder of the month, and somehow make enough money buying and selling real estate to recover that $49.   

Two days later, I get an email that my refund has been granted.  

In my world, that’s a WIN. Still WINNING, as Charlie Sheen would say…

Here’s some trick r treat fun: 


4 thoughts on “Adventures in real estate

  1. I don’t know if I am replying in the right place . . .since the question is always about Naomi, but, oh well, here goes . . .Your kids are so stinkin creative and funny! Love the costumes. By the way, I have a “uh-oh, i forgot to do what, and now you’re charging me what” moment at least three or four times a year. It is a sinking feeling, but usually a little pleading goes a long way. I always think, what would Jean say? It usually works. 🙂

    • I knoooooow, I totally use that too, what would jean do, because JEAN gets ‘er done, man! Thank you for telling me that my incredibly smart sister also makes these mistakes, that means a lot to me!! I can’t be an idiot if YOU’RE not an idiot… lol! It’s like Dad has been known to say though, “I have three very intelligent children, but not one with a lick of common sense…”

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